3 Natural Ways to Treat Postpartum Depression

Although the causes of postpartum depression are complex in nature, studies show that people can recover from this illness. After having a newborn baby, one’s life changes dramatically. It is not surprising that one will need time to adjust to such a dramatic change. Medications are available to help treat this condition, but there are personal treatments one try to feel better. Here are three tips to feeling happier and more relaxed.


The old adage stating that whatever is in motion will stay in motion might apply here. By regularly exercising, one will naturally produce a lot of endorphins. These are the body’s natural pain-killers according to WebMD. One will also stay fit and will have the benefit of calming anxiety through physical movement. A healthy exercise plan can include walking or biking. It is important to keep fit throughout one’s life, but it is especially important to stay healthy while nursing a baby. Find good support who can help you find time to exercise.

Eat Well

During depression, one might not feel hungry. Although one does not feel hungry, one’s body will still be burning up calories. It is critical to stay healthy with plenty of water and following a healthy diet. The food pyramid can act as a guide for the food that one should eat. Grains, meats, milk, fruits and vegetables should be eaten in their proper amounts. By staying healthy though a well-balanced diet, one’s energy levels will be at their peak. We have all felt weak after not eating. By regularly nourishing one’s body despite a lack of hunger, one will feel better.

Sleep Every Night

Although sleeping during the nursing phase of babies might be difficult, the body still needs its rest. MedicalNewsToday suggests having seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night. During a sleeping session, the brain releases fluids that travel down neural networks and clean out whatever inconsistencies they find. By sleeping every night, the brain will feel well rested and will function with greater ease. Work together with your spouse to find time to sleep, and consider hiring outside help to ensure a healthy sleeping cycle.

Postpartum depression can be treated with medication if the above tips do not alleviate this condition. Although living in a healthy manner can keep the body without issues, medication is sometimes necessary. Speak with a doctor if you believe you have postpartum depression, and especially seek counsel if living a healthy lifestyle does not alleviate your symptoms.

About the Author Ethel R. Benton